Friday, 31 October 2014

why it is important to have 8 hours of sleep.

I wonder why it is important to have 8 hours of sleep.

Sleep is a condition of body and mind which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is not active, the eyes closed and the muscles relax.

It is very important that people especially kids go to sleep because a kids body has to regenerate for the next day also it heals  their sores.It is also important that people should get sleep because it is really important to grow, for example: your body, legs, hands grow.

Sleep is essential for a person’s health and wellbeing.If we sleep we are more alert and happy and if we don’t we are more angry.

This why people should have 8 hours of sleep.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tree of life

Tree of Life by Feana Tu’akoi
School Journal Part 3, Number 3, 2002

WALT: Make inferences and search for hidden meanings
SC: Think critically about the hidden meaning of the text.

HOME ACTIVITY: Talk to whanau about their experiences eating coconut, fresh, tinned, dried etc. How do they like to eat it best, be ready to share this with the group next time.

  1. List the parts of the tree that are useful and how SHARE

drinking, cooking
cups and bowls
walls and roofs
tree roots
fish traps

  1. This story refers to the coconut tree as ‘the tree of life’. Explain in as much detail as possible, why it is the tree of life in your own words. SHARE
    1. Its called the tree of life because It provides the people with shells that make good cups and bowls, the leaves that provide them with walls and roofs, milk from the coconuts that are for cooking and drinking and also the tree roots make good fish traps.

  1. Record the words you didn’t know before. Add a picture or sentence to describe what they mean.

Hollow (p.16)
not solid; empty
Monsieur (p.14)
the conventional French title of respect and term of address for a man, corresponding to Mr. or sir.
Voila (p.14)
 it means "ta da"
Rhythm (p.15)

  1. This is a popular legend also, have you heard it before? Where? and how is this version different? If not, can you find another version of this legend and record any differences. 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Siosifa-What's for lunch_WekaT4W1

1What’s for lunch? by Ken Benn
Connected 1 2006

WALT: Analyse information, relate it to myself and make evaluations
SC: We will record our own healthy food graph and make recommendations based on what we find.

1. Complete your own healthy lunch chart for the rest of this week.

Food type

Sweets, cakes, chips etc.


Meat, cheese, eggs, dairy, nuts etc

Fruit, vegetables, wholegrain breads etc.

  1. Why do you think it is important to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains breads or rice?
    1. It’s important to eat all that stuff because it keeps your mind awake and fresh.
  2. Mr Kenna suggested that they swap their salami cheese sandwiches for tuna and salad. What things in your lunchbox do you think you could swap to make it healthier?  
    1. Banana, apple, sandwich
  3. What other benefits do you get from eating healthy food? Keeps your mind fresh, awake and gives energy, vitamins that are good.
  4. Complete a graph like the one in the book once you have completed your healthy lunch chart.

  1. What is your favourite types of healthy meal? (Edit the drawing) SHARE

This was very fun and really enjoyed working on it.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

How I spent my holidays

It is a 2 week break when instead of going to school you get the chance to sleep, eat and go to a friends house

We have holidays because kids have worked hard through the term and deserves a 2 week break from school and also so that we can come back with our minds fresh so we can work properly

I generally slept through the first three days.I woke up at about 1:00pm and I would go down stairs and eat until i was full and would go back to sleep.

I spent the rest of the week at a friends house.We did sparing, had a game of rugby and had a boxing match,and ended with that.

The last week I spent my time at home either watching television or sleeping in my room.On the last day I went church in the morning, slept in the evening and finish my homework in the night.

I really enjoyed the holidays,it was very fun to spend some time away from school.