Monday, 25 May 2015

School Poem

School is something we all need to do
We do P.E it is really cool
We bring our togs to swim in the pool
We have technology we use different tools
Every year we celebrate April fools
When we go to the library we sit on stools
We have school rules

We sometimes cry
At the end of the day we all say good-bye
When we do something good we all say ka pai
When it is lunch we eat a kai
If we do something bad teachers ask us why


On the 4th of April 2014, the years 7, 8 and  the year 6 and 5 of room 10, 9 and 7 from Glenbrae School went to the Auckland Zoo to learn more about native trees and native birds.We left at nine and we traveled there by bus.

When we arrived there we proceeded directly to where the birds were. We had three instructors who told us what we werGo to your blog liste supposed to do.We firstly went to where  the keas live at the Zoo, then they had told us we had to stand still in order for the keas to come near us.When we finished we came out and moved on with the next instructor.

We proceeded on to the next instructor we had gone to where the fantails,tuis and where the weta's live, we also saw a lot of native trees like the nikau tree and the pohutukawa tree.We saw a lot of tuis fantails but was not able to see any weta''s. We.We moved on to the last part which was going down and exiting.We moved to the next instructors.
After that we moved on to where kiwis live ,they lived at the night forest.They firstly showed us the eels that was not electric,then we moved to the night forest,they told us we had to be as quiet in order for the kiwis to come out,we saw a lot kiwis, then we came out and we all met at the our meeting place.

When we arrived at the meeting place they said  that we were gonna be having lunch at the lunch place.After we had lunch han opportunity to the different parts of the zoo.We saw a lot of animals like the crocodiles , spider monkey, baboons, porcupine, seals, hippos, tarantula, giraffes, zebras, reign dears, roosters, chickens and rhinos.Then we all returned back and headed back to school.

I learnt a lot about animals after that day and i would really like to go again.I was really exhausted and i my legs were sore.

Glenbrae Kids - early child hood centre

Image result for glenbrae kids
Today we went to our early child hood centre to spend some time with the little kids.We had some picture books to read and some games that we had in mind.We sang "if you happy and you" then Bono and I picked a boy called Hosea.We read a book about food and then played around with a balloon which was fun then danced a little to some music.
Then finally we finished off and had a song presented to us by the caretakers in samoan called "welcome" which was really cool.

I had a really fun time with hosea and i would like to take a visit some other time later.

Friday, 22 May 2015

This a picture of our Travel Wise site That we made on Road safety week.

Motat Trip

As the sound of the bus stoped, i new we were at our location, Motat. We quickly entered the gates and started our day.

We had our morning tea than got ready to get picked up by our instructor Cathrine.We went to a room to learn all about how the people in world war 1 communicated.

Then we had the oppurtunity to go around exploring the parts of motat.We started from the entrance and worked our way up.Then we had a wonderful tram ride.The favourite part was when we went through the mirror maze which was really fun.

Then we finished our day with lunch, it was a really fun exhausting day.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Tamaki open day reflection

On the 28th of April our school and a couple more went to the Tamaki open day.We arrived and separate with different people from different schools.

We started the day off with some PE(physical education),We played games like gold nuggets and chain tag.

Then we went to science where we made elephant toothpaste.We learnt about chemical reactions, this class was really fun.After science we had interval, they served us juice boxes and chocolate yog then our leaders took us out for a game of ninja and numbers, then we  went back inside for our next class.

We had maths where we learnt how to understand coodernates and had a couple of challenges of racing the other teams.

After that we went to English, we had to choose a value and write why that value is so important to you, so when English class was finished we had lunch.They served us a brown bag that had a ham and cheese sandwich, apple, chips and a bottle of water.

Lastly we had social studies, we didn't know anyone in our
group so our teacher gave us a piece of paper with some questions that we had ask each other.

That was a really fun day .