Thursday, 18 June 2015

Usain Bolt

Usain St. Leo Bolt born 21 August 1986) is a Jamaican sprinter. Widely regarded as the fastest person ever, he is the first man to hold both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records since fully automatic time measurements became mandatory in 1977.

Along with his teammates, he also set the world record in the 4×100 metres relay. He is the reigning Olympic champion in these three events, the first man to win six Olympic gold medals in sprinting, and an eight-time World champion.
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He was the first to achieve a "double double" by winning 100 m and 200 m titles at consecutive Olympics (2008 and 2012), and topped this through the first "double triple" (including 4×100 m relays).

How to play cricket

The easiest way to understand cricket is to start playing it, or watching a game with someone who can explain it. There are lots of different variations to the traditional game that makes it easy to play almost anywhere.

In its traditional form, cricket is played between two teams, normally with 11 players a side. One team will elect to bat, the other fields and bowls. The batting team aims to score as many ‘runs’ as possible by batting in pairs.

Batters try to hit a ball that is 'bowled’ toward them from a set distance along a ‘pitch’. A run is scored when a batter safely completes the distance running from one end of the pitch to the other. A batter can make a score without running, by hitting a ball over the ‘boundary’ of the field of play, which counts for 4 or 6 runs, depending on whether it bounces before clearing the boundary.

The team can also accumulate runs from bowlers’ and fielder’s mistakes, such as a ‘no ball’ where the bowler is too close to the batter when they bowl, or a ‘wide’ when the ball is too far away from the batter, making it too hard to hit.

The aim of the fielding side is to get the batters ‘out’ by taking ‘wickets’ or restricting the number of runs scored.

Once the ‘innings’ is completed the teams switch between batting and fielding. The innings is completed when the batting team is all ‘out’ or all ‘overs’ have been bowled.

Our Maths Session

Word problem
Mrs Moke took her cat to the vet. The vet is 98 km away from her home. She made the trip there and back 3 times. How many kilometres did Mrs Moke travel. 98+98+98=294

Last year Mr Tiki took his dog to the vet four times. Each time the vet’s bill was $136. How much did Mr Tiki spend at the vet’s last year?134+134+134+134=544

Greg cycled from home to the vet centre 40 weekends during the year. He lives 9 km from the centre. How many kilometres did he travel?9 * 40=360

Tyla worked 6 hours a week for 36 weeks in the year. How many hours did she work?
6 * 36=216

Tina worked 5 hours a week for 42 weeks in the year. How many hours did she work for?
5 * 42=210

Tim bakes 30 biscuits in 90 minutes. How long will it take Tim to bake 240 biscuits?
630mins to bake 210

Today I did problem solving and I had solve these problems.

Friday, 5 June 2015

My reading activity

The Launching by Lyn Taane
SJ 1990 P 3 N 3

WALT - We are learning to understand that events in a story can be considered important based on their significance or meaning, no matter how large or small.

Response activities
Spelling words for each day
Response activity 1. Learn

Do you think it is a true story? Why?Yes because it says that this story was woven around the launching of a canoe for the 1990 Treaty of Waitangi.Why not?

What kind of relationship do you think Ripeka had with her Poua?They had a very close relationship.How can you tell?I can tell because on page 10 Ripeka says “i wish Poua was here”.

Why was Ripeka the only person to be wear a piupiu and to be lifted onto the waka taua?Because she was the oldest.

Why do you think Uncle Joe and ‘ Heni are making jokes at the end of this story, when it seems like quite a serious event?    They were making jokes because they were bored.They were bored.

Some of the events in the story, took a long time and were explained in 1 sentence, while others were only moments but described in several sentences. What effect does this have when you’re reading? Why do you think the author has done this?I think that writer has done this because he wanted us to be hooked in the story.

Tukutuku panel
Kowhaiwhai pattern
Toru karaka (time)
Pari taniko
Waka taua


Thursday, 4 June 2015

Maths Session

Today at our maths session I learnt how to read and understand a problem.
I learnt different strategies for example;place value partitioning and algorithm.