Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Museum visit

On a cold winter morning we had a trip to the Auckland Museum and this is my reflection on the trip.The event i found most interesting was the volcano house because it was realistic.The thing  learned was that there was three different types of how volcanoes erupt and the three are named explosion, fountain, and flow.The thing i want to learn more about, is tornadoes.  

My holidays

In the holidays I was in a tournament called the Bill Mclaren tournament.It’s a tournament where four of the sides South, East, West and Central come together to play each other to see who wins.I was in the East side Bill Mclaren team.The tournament was placed at Teachers Eastern and also held at Dunkirk. The tournament was for 5 days, Monday-Friday, Friday was the finals day.

On Monday we played South side team, it was a very hard game but South couldn't beat us, the score was 56-5.On Tuesday we played West and also beat them, and the score  was 21-0.On Wednesday it was cancelled due to bad  weather,but on the day we had to go training then had a barbecue after training.On Thursday we played central side and also beat them 56-7, a win which got our East side team straight into the finals against south side team on Friday.So on Friday We played South and gave them a even bigger thrashing of 98-0 and took out the tournament for the first time in about the 6 years.

After That week i felt relieved and happy at the same time because we took out the tournament,it was a very hard week but we were still able to beat the teams.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Today we had a session of badminton,which was coached by Robby,badminton was very fun and we were very tied at the end of the session.We played badminton matches in partners and played other groups in different courts.That was a very fun time playing and that was also my favorite part.I found difficult trying to hit the high shuttles coming from above and i really had fun.