Wednesday, 28 May 2014

when i was sick

Yesterday I had a sore throat and the flu, i was sick for three days , Saturday, Sunday and Monday.It was really really awfull being sick and i hated it.I had got sick from the bad weather that has recently been going on.

Firstly i had a very runny nose so  I had to take a panadol to make me feel a little bit better than i had a shiver so needed to get warm,  as soon as i was warm I slept at 9:00 and stayed asleep for 2hrs.

Next I woke up with a big headache so i had to take another panadol and drink are big cup of water, then my mum made me a cup of milo then i ate some toast and butter then i went back to sleep.

After That i woke up and felt a lot more better my runny nose wasn’t runny any more, I did not have a headache no more my  sore throat wasn’t sore any more and i was feeling very good.

Managing fishery quotas

  • WALT Understand how groups make and implement rules and laws.
Success Criteria: Describe how and why groups make decisions about access to and use of resources.

After Reading Managing Fisheries
In a small group of 2-3 students (from your reading group) read and discuss the following statement:

By the early 1980s, with dwindling inshore stocks and too many boats, the New Zealand fishing industry and the government realised that a new fisheries management was needed. The warning that ‘too many boats are chasing too few fish’ was being rephrased by one fisherman as, ‘too many boats chasing no fish.’

Use these questions to guide you and record your answers on a doc. LEARN\]
  1. Are there too many boats? There too many boats chasing no fish
  2. Why are there 'no fish'? Because most of the boats chase them away
  3. What is or should be done about it? they should take the right amount that they want.

In your small group discuss and individually record your opinions on:  LEARN
  1. What is a Quota?A limited quantity of a particular product
  2. Why the Quota Management System was needed?So that they can manage the right amount of fish for the people.                                                                      
  3. How it was implemented.                 
  4. Who polices it?A police called the managing fisheries police policies the fish                
  5. How are commercial Quotas different from recreational quotas?recreational quotas can’t sell their fish but commercial quotas can sell their fish.
                                                                                                                                           List the positive outcomes of such an initiative.  CREATE, SHARE
In New Zealand we have quotas for the number of fish people can catch. These are a positive thing because:

Friday, 16 May 2014


            wars are bad
they make people sad
they risk their lives
                    for our country


Monday, 12 May 2014

Loopy people

We are learning to Measure body parts, half the measurement, then apply the halved measurements to measure and cut out our loopy people.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

our movie presentation

we made this movie with a ipad ilalio and anthony were part of my group and we had fun presenting it.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My feelings at netball

During netball i felt very lively because we were doing a lot move around activities and i also felt happy because i had a lot of fun and my team in netball won a game.