Thursday, 20 March 2014

The up and downs of yo yo

An Explanation
Resource: The ups and downs of yoyos
(Read About, Think About Book 1)
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WALT read and understand how an explanation is written. (Structure and language features used in writing explanations)

Application Questions: Create, Share
     7.   Name another simple toy that has been popular for many years. Rubrics

     8.  What question would you ask the woodwork class who made the 372 kilo yoyo?Why did you make it?

Helmets save lives

Resource: Helmets save lives
(Read About, Think About Book 1)

WALT read and understand how an explanation is written. (Structure and language features used in writing explanations)

Knowledge Questions: Learn
  1. When should children wear a cycling helmet?When the are riding a bike.
  2. Why do cycling helmets have air holes?Air holes Makes sure your head stays cool
  3. How should the helmet fit?Helmet are designed to protect your forehead and should fit snugly on your head without failing backward or forward.

Comprehension Questions: Learn
     4.   Why is it important to know if a helmet has been dropped or involved in a crash?If your helmet has been dropped or involved in a crash it may be damaged or broken in ways you can't see. After a crash your helmet may not protect you properly any more, and should be replaced   
     5.   How should a cycling helmet be looked after when it is not being used?Put your helmet away carefully when you’re not using it. if you leave it out, too much sun or rain could damage it.      

6.What does a black rectangular sign with five ticks on the right edge mean?This symbol means that a product has been approved by standards Australia so it is a safe, good-quality hemet.

Application Questions: Create, Share
     7.   Would this information be useful if you were shopping for a cycling helmet? Explain why. cycling helmet are useful to people to protect their head. If ur head gets damaged it will be serious Damaged That’s why helmets are useful when you ride a bike.
     8.   Name four other activities where it is sensible to wear a helmet.                                         A bike,skateboard,scooter,rollerskating.

Thinking beyond : Create,  Share
Analysis: What are some of the problems of encouraging children to wear cycling helmets? If you don’t wear a helmet ur will serious damage ur head and maybe hit something hard like a rock or a tree. Upload your answer to your individual blog after conferencing with the teacher.(Task 1)

the lost backpacker

Knoledge Questions: Learn
Where did Mr Chen go walking? He went to see a waterfall.
What three things did Mr Chen NOT take with him on his walk?Water,food and shelter.
How long did it take for anyone to notice that Mr Chen was missing?   It took three days for them to notice.
It says “Mr Chen declined to elaborate further on his experience Evaluation : Create,  Share your answers on your blog post. What does elaborate mean?

Discovering more information Questions: Learn
  1. Imagine that you are Mr Chen and going for the same walk. Use the Department of Convservation website ( to find information on the Tupapakurua Falls Track that Mr Chen walked.
    • How long (distance) is the track Distance: 11 km                              how long (time) does it take to walk?Time: 4 – 5 hr
    • Who is the track recommended for? The tracks are recommended for professionals  
    • What are the conditions of the track?muddy,slippery and rugged.
  2. Read the Plan and Prepare section.
What two things does it recommend you do before your walk?
  • check weather forecast
  • tell someone about where you're  gonna walk
  • What five things does it recommend you take with on your walk?

  • sturdy comfortable shoes or boots
  • food, and plenty to drink
  • sunglasses and sunscreen
  • first aid kit
  • phone


  1. Do you think Mr Chen was well prepared for his walk?No because he had nothing to eat and nothing to drink. he thought that
  • Why did Mr Chen think it was a good idea to buy a Lotto ticket?He thought that
it was great idea to buy lotto ticket because he said if he was lucky enough to  survive 4 days without any water or food he thought he was lucky enough to win win the lottery to prove his luck.    

  • Why do you think Mr Chen was embarrassed to talk about his experience? Probably people would think that he is a irresponsible person being unprepared for a bushwalk


A hike is to walk or march a great distance, especially through rural areas, for pleasure, exercise, military training or the lake. You can also walk to the mountain and look down, you can see good views.

The track will take 4-5 hours so you need to take food and plenty to drink,the track is 11 km long so take some  nice walking shoes that have grip,also the conditions can go bad at any time so check the weather forecast or not because you can just take an umbrella just encase.

When you go on a hike or bush walk you must always tell someone where you a walking encase you get lost, so  your friend will know where you are.You should  also always  be organised and prepared so that you bring things like sturdy comfortable shoes or boots, food, and plenty to drink, sunglasses and sunscreen, first aid kit and a phone.and especially  checking the weather forecast.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Alan Duff's visit to Glenbrae School. Recount text

On Tuesday the 25th of February an author called Alan Duff came to our school at 10:15. Alan Duff is a famous writer around New Zealand and some other countries. Alan Duff is the person who came up with the Duffy Book program. It was so exciting when he came in, we got a chance to ask questions,and at the end one of the students thanked him for coming such a long way from his home to and visit us.