Monday, 25 May 2015

School Poem

School is something we all need to do
We do P.E it is really cool
We bring our togs to swim in the pool
We have technology we use different tools
Every year we celebrate April fools
When we go to the library we sit on stools
We have school rules

We sometimes cry
At the end of the day we all say good-bye
When we do something good we all say ka pai
When it is lunch we eat a kai
If we do something bad teachers ask us why


tuilavoni fakahau said...

Hello Siosifa what a nice poem. Man Siosifa you have really good rhymes in your poem. Keep the up the hard work Siosifa.

Baden said...

Very good work siosifa very interesting poem and I like your rhymes and nice work keep up the hard work.

Mrs Tofa said...

I like the use of rhyme as well as Te Reo in your poem Siosifa.

Mrs Tofa said...

Yes why do the teachers ask WHY?

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