Thursday, 18 June 2015

Our Maths Session

Word problem
Mrs Moke took her cat to the vet. The vet is 98 km away from her home. She made the trip there and back 3 times. How many kilometres did Mrs Moke travel. 98+98+98=294

Last year Mr Tiki took his dog to the vet four times. Each time the vet’s bill was $136. How much did Mr Tiki spend at the vet’s last year?134+134+134+134=544

Greg cycled from home to the vet centre 40 weekends during the year. He lives 9 km from the centre. How many kilometres did he travel?9 * 40=360

Tyla worked 6 hours a week for 36 weeks in the year. How many hours did she work?
6 * 36=216

Tina worked 5 hours a week for 42 weeks in the year. How many hours did she work for?
5 * 42=210

Tim bakes 30 biscuits in 90 minutes. How long will it take Tim to bake 240 biscuits?
630mins to bake 210

Today I did problem solving and I had solve these problems.


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